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Stay safe, take care of yourself, each other and continue filling your belly with delicious food and drink.

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Where’s d’Arry’s gone?

It’s been ‘Stolen’


One of Cambridge’s most popular independent restaurants has had its identity stolen – literally!  d’Arrys in King Street is now re-named Stolen, offering a new casual eating and drinking experience.


Stolen has a number of meanings for the new bar and restaurant. It marks a new generation of the Gerard family taking over the business. Owner Chris Gerard has been building restaurants for others and himself since 1983, but his son Charlie is now behind the new restaurant after returning from working with the Thai Leisure group and a Naples owned restaurant business.

“Charlie has been involved in hospitality since he first tested carrots as a five year old and look what has happened to my helping him, he has nicked my business” jokes Chris.


Charlie’s idea is to ‘steal’ the best food and ingredients from around the world and bring them together in an all day menu of stretched sourdoughs, grills and salads: from Sea Bass, to pesto, to hoisin duck and wasabi.

"We’re celebrating exciting national and international food styles by keeping what makes them delicious but reinventing their style and flavours for today" explains Charlie. 


Customers can take the re purposing even further by creating their own bespoke grill, sauce and salad options. The Stolen notion is also evident throughout the restaurant, with ‘stolen’ traffic cones and an old bike hanging outside. Inside menus taken from hundreds of other restaurants provide some of the wallpaper.

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The Liquor Loft

Popular upstairs bar, the Liquor Loft, continues to run alongside the restaurant and Chris’ imported wines from d'Arenberg, that gave its name to the original restaurant, remain the wines of choice.


The Liquor Loft continues to offer more than 100 Gins, barrel-aged cocktails, local art and live amateur music.

"New are the beers from Stolen's own craft brewery, The Old Cannon Brewery in Bury St Edmunds" added Charlie.

The private dining room remains however, retained to offer a haven from the busy city centre offering Stolen parties for dinners and celebrations.


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